Sunday, 23 June 2013

Breastfeeding Tea

Have you ever tried Breastfeeding Tea? 

During the first few weeks after giving birth, I found it hard to produce milk. I know that in the first few days, it will only be colostrum but the milk should come after that. For me, I couldn't produce enough milk for my baby. She lost 11% of her original weight when the midwife checked her when we got home and she lost a few more a few days after that. I was horrified. I was scared that we might need bring her back to the hospital for them to look after. Most importantly, I felt really upset because I couldn't giver her enough milk. It's my fault that she's been losing weight.

As soon as we found out that she was losing weight, we immediately bought formula to help with the feeding. I was also told by some family friends about breastfeeding tea. We found one made by Artemis. Once I had that, I started taking some tea, probably 2 -3 times a day based on the instructions. The tea is a combination of Fennel, Aniseed, Chamomile, Nettle and Raspberry leaves. I didn't like the taste at first because I'm not really a tea person but I got used to it somehow. I gave up drinking coffee for a while for this. After that, I'd say that my milk production became a little bit better. I'm not sure what really happened with the production of my milk at the beginning but trying this tea didn't hurt. I just did everything I could to make sure that my baby is getting enough. 

Today, she's gaining a lot of weight, more than the usual and I'm really happy about it. I still drink the tea just to make sure and because I have started to like it. 


  1. I've never heard of breastfeeding tea before but a great way to increase your breast milk supply is by actually pumping and breastfeeding. The more you breastfeed or stimulate breastfeeding the more your body makes. When I started back working after 6 weeks I pumped while at work to keep up and I also took Fenugreek pills which helped as well. If everything fails then supplementing with formula is a great alternative. All the best to you and baby.

    1. I did pump too. We bought a manual pump but I had a hard time doing it. I only get 40ml each pump and sometimes less. I fed her often though 'cause they did tell me that it increases my supply. It's a bit better now though. Thank you. :)


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