Monday, 16 January 2017

Firsts of the Year

Hello new year. How's the new year been treating you all? I hope it's been going well. We have been out and about lately, trying to enjoy every bit of good weather we get. I also got my weekends day off back so it's a little easier to plan around family trips now. 

We welcomed the new year at a family friends's house as we always do every year. That afternoon, we had some friends over for game of thrones game. That lasted until 3 in the morning by the way. 

The next day, we went on a little hike at Te Whiti firebreak. Chinee taught Kaelyn how to hold butterflies. She was so happy, she kept following the butterfly around.

The weekend after that, we went to Te Rauparaha Arena pools at Porirua. Although she was a little hesitant at first but she enjoyed it eventually. She didn't even want to leave even when everyone's already tired. 

It has been a great start of the year.  We're definitely ready for more adventures. I'm looking forward on to what this year has in store for us. 

P.S. I'm going to share something exciting this week. Stay tuned! 

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