Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Excited for Christmas Season

It's the second week of September and guess what we did. We just finished setting up and decorating the Christmas tree. It's not too early, right? Kaelyn is a little excited for Christmas and has been asking me to set up the tree since last week. I finally gave in and I could see how happy she got.

As soon as September started, I realised how close Christmas is. Back when I was still in the Philippines, when -ber month starts, it means that it's Christmas season. You will see christmas lights, parol and decorations are popping up. Even some of the shopping malls are already decorated and are selling Christmas related things. The food, the cold breeze, the simbang gabi, the christmas carols. It's a little nostalgic. Anyway, I think Kaelyn heard me talking about it and now, she's all hyped up. She's kept asking me about decorating. Now, the house is filled with Christmas decors. The tree is done but there's still some decors left. I'm still figuring out on what to do with them. She's also giving me ideas on what to do with them. I can't actually wait to finish decorating now. 

She's so happy and is already planning on leaving cookies and milk for santa. She's also played Christmas songs so many times even Patrick is starting to sing. That's how excited she is. Maybe someday she'll be able to experience Christmas in the Philippines. Until then, we'll make our own Christmas family traditions and memories.

Guess how long until Christmas. 

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