Saturday, 13 September 2014

Blogtember - My Love

Another day for the blogtember challenge. It's all about relationship status. One of my favourite topics. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love hearing other people's love story though I rarely share mine anymore. Is that unfair? But anyway, today's prompt is:

Your current relationship status. If dating/married, give us a glimpse of your story. If single, share about this special season.

I met Patrick through an old friend back in 2010. My friend is good friends with Patrick sister and they decided to have lunch together and catch up. I was waiting for my bus back to university so I just tagged along. I never really paid attention to him because I just came from a horrible relationship then. I didn't even paid attention to what he actually looked like. When I got back to my dorm that night, he already sent me a friend request (stalker much, lol). I can't remember how we got to actually talk but we did and I remember him asking my number through chat and his reason was I want to text you good morning/good night and that he's got too much credit on his phone and doesn't have someone to text. We became text mates and it got to a point where he calls me every morning and every night before I sleep. I started to like him and my friends saw it. They said that it's the first time that they saw me so happy in so long. We got together or dated I guess for a very short time. I was confused and I thought that thing is too good to be true. Coming out of a bad relationship made me analyse every single thing about the opposite sex. And I remember him telling me that we're just friends or something like that. He said it as a joke but I thought, why would someone joke something about a relationship. So I though that "thing" we have is non existent. I called it off. Probably the worst decision I made but I had to. 

feb 2011
october 2011
october 2011

Our relationship is on and off after that. It's a little complicated and you wouldn't want to hear our crazy story. It was only early 2012 when we actually got together and dated again. Two years later, we're blessed with a baby girl. 

We're not married and we're not planning to just yet. We're happy on where we are now. Our main focus for now is to give Kaelyn a good future. We're a family, married or not. 

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