Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend - Sick Baby

It was a sleepless weekend, for me at least. Saturday morning went on as usual. However, when she woke up from her afternoon nap, she was feeling hotter than usual. I took her temperature and it was 37.3 degrees Celsius. I had to go to the pharmacy and ask what medicine I could give her. I totally forgot I could give her Pamol (Paracetamol for babies) but I talked to the Pharmacist and she gave me instructions on what to do so that was good. She fell asleep early but kept waking up that time, and she was crying. It was so hard, I didn't know what was wrong. I just kept feeding her and she calms down when I do so I just did it all through out the night.

Still love having her selfie taken
Her temperature rose up on sunday morning so we rushed to the doctor. The doctor then told us that she might have caught a virus and as long as she's feeding and taking medicine, she's going to be fine. When we went home, she had her nap and all I did was browse online, reading on what else I can do. When she woke up, she was in a better mood but still had a slight fever. All I did was feed her, gave her milk and water and take care of her. It was very tiring but I want her to get better soon because she's getting irritated and annoyed with everything. 

Serious face

Yesterday, she was still a bit sick but a little better than before. Today, she has started coughing and a cold is dripping from her nose. I called the Plunket nurse and told asked them what I could do. They just told me the same thing as what the doctor said and also, to observe her if anything changes. I feel so sorry for Baby K on feeling like this. She's been quiet and barely even laugh. There where times that she will talk to us but most of the time, she'll just observe on what we're doing. I'm so worried. I hope nothing serious is happening on her. I hope she gets better soon. 


  1. AW NO! It's the worst feeling when you're helpless and cant do anything for your baby other than what you're already doing. I really feel for you, I hope she gets better sooner than later and gives you a smile soon. Get sleep whenever you can

    1. Thank you! She's in a happy mood today but we're going back to the doctors tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good luck.

  2. I don't like it when babies get sick. You feel so helpless but you're doing your best and I know she'll get better soon. You're a great mom! Have you thought about teething though. Babies usually develop a fever and cold like symptoms when they're teething as well.


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