Monday, 16 September 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend

How did everyone's weekend went? The weather here was really sunny but there was the cold wind but it was a good weather nonetheless. I really can't wait for summer. I was talking to my little sister about what we're going to do on her school term break, two weeks from now. We were talking about the beach, picnics and such. Walks to the park could be done everyday when the summer comes. I know I talk about the season every time, it's just that it is my favourite season. 

I got a good rest on saturday afternoon. Baby K had a good 2 hour afternoon nap, which rarely happens. When she woke up, we got ready and went to a family friend's house for the novena. We stayed there until about 9pm. Luckily, Baby K was in a good mood unlike last week so she was able to play with the other kids and they were able to carry her as well. It came to a point where she was babbling so loudly and looked like she was getting annoyed by the noise so we went to the hallway. I was trying to calm her and she just fell asleep. I haven't done that in months. After 30 minutes, she woke up feeling energised and ready to play.

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas

When we got home, we just had a quick clean up and change and she went to sleep right away. Though she woke up a few times that night, I was managed to get some good sleep as well. The weather was really nice on sunday too so instead of staying inside the house, we went for a walk down to the shops. It was a little windy but it was bearable. We watched Patrick and Shelby practice some basketball while me and Baby K tried to take some pictures.

Who's winning?
Sneaky Smile
"I want to play too"
"Mommy, it's too windy"

"Mommy, it's too bright"

Baby K seemed to be having fun being out and about. She loves being outside that's why I always make sure that when the weather is good, we go for a walk. We went home after an hour. It was a good walk, and I managed to not complain when we walked up the hill. Before, I used to get tired so easily but I'm getting used to it now. 

It was a good weekend, and the good weather made it even better. I wonder what we're going to do next weekend? I heard that there will be another gathering or something so that means there's going to be lots of food again and lots of people I haven't met or seen before. What did you do this weekend? I hope you had a good one. 


  1. Dylan loves being outside too, they have so much to look at and everything is so big to them. Hooray for you being able to walk up the hill with no complaints! I detest inclines, lol.

    1. I used to hate it too. I still don't like it but it's getting better. I know right, I'm making it possible to have a walk with her from time to time so she can enjoy the nature. :)

  2. I don't like walking too much but Madison loves it. I see that Baby K loved it as well. She is such a doll. Hope your weekend is going great.

    1. Hehe thanks. She really loves it. Hope you're having a good weekend. :)


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