Monday, 19 August 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend

How was your weekend? I know I owe you lots of posts and I promise I'll have posts this week. It has been a little crazy over the past week. Baby K has been so restless lately. It seems like she doesn't ran out of energy. She just likes to play, with me of course. She doesn't like being alone so it's a little hard to do house chores.

Our saturday went by normally. We went to church in the afternoon and waited for Patrick to get off from work afterwards. I usually dress up baby K on a pretty dress and a coat or a top and a leggings but this time was different. She was wearing a bear onesie. I saw it hanging on the closet and realised that it might fit her now. Luckily, it does fit. I guess it won't fit her for long because the length of that onesie is 62 cm and her height is 62.2 cm. I should really keep a good track of all her clothes. I keep forgetting she still have a few onesies hanging. 

Photo Credit: Patricia Esparas

Isn't she adorable? Everyone wanted to carry her after the mass. She's like a fluffy teddy bear. However, she did not enjoyed the outfit at the end because she wasn't able to roll over properly. 

Isn't she cute?

Sunday was a little different this time. Everyone was at home so his parents decided to have lunch at Yum Cha. This is where I felt that I'm such a disorganised parent. First, her food wasn't in her baby bag. I was so sure I put it inside the bag because I remember placing it near her bottles, thinking it will make the food warm because the water in the bottle is still hot but somehow, it's not in her bag. I then realised that it must have fallen when Patrick took her bib from the bag and didn't noticed it. Second, when I was putting the powdered milk in her bottle, the container opened and half the milk went to the ground. I was so annoyed, I wasn't even sure how did that happened. Luckily, there's a spare milk. I was so embarrassed, I felt liking hiding under the table. Everything went well after that. We then went to the mall because they needed to buy something. We walked around for a bit and while waiting for them, we had a mini picture taking. It was a tiring day and when we got home, she fell asleep for a good couple of hours. Patrick had work that night so she fell asleep again after dinner and woke up an hour before he got home. 

While waiting for her daddy, she just played in her crib. She seemed amused by her rattle toy as if she hasn't seen it before. She's so cute. That was our weekend. Nothing special but when you're with your family, everything is just perfect. I hope you all had a good weekend, and have a good week ahead. 

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