Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Shopping for Baby and Me

We have been out and about the past two days. Nothing special really, just hanging out at the mall. We went there yesterday because I had to shop baby K some new outfits. I'm not entirely sure why but it seems like she's running out clothes to wear when in fact, our closet is very full (I'll show it to you some time). The point is, my partner have been telling me lately that he always sees her wear this or that. I have then decided that it's time to go shopping. Pumpkin Patch, where we usually buy her clothes, is on sale and this meant that we get to buy more than usual. We did bought a lot and spent a lot. You just can't resist when it comes to baby's clothing. They are so tiny and adorable.

Too tired from shopping
Now, we went back today because I wanted to buy clothes for myself and also, we had to pick up his cousin from her training. What I bought was nothing from what we got yesterday. I picked two tops and she had dresses and bows and everything. She's so young and she's spoiled already. Anyway, I did not have any choice because the mall was about to close. We got there a bit late because my dear partner had too much fun playing his computer games. I was a little disappointed. On the plus side, I won't feel guilty spending too much money for myself.  I'll do a mini clothing haul tomorrow for you guys to see and tell me if it's worth the buy or not.

Who looked more tired?

It felt good to be out once in a while though. Having a rainy weather makes it harder for me to go to places because I don't want her to get sick. She seemed like she enjoyed it. She was asleep half the time. At least I had a little bit of rest. She is now 20 weeks and is enjoying car rides and appreciates her toys. I think that calls for a mini celebration. 


  1. It gets easier to go shopping the bigger they get I promise :) They get less bored as they get older. Your daughter is always so cute in her photos!

    1. That's so good to hear. I want her to enjoy shopping as much as I do. Thank you! I'm still having troubles taking pictures of her smiling. :)


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