Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A Day Out of Town

One of the things I like about the first few months of the year is the long weekends. Usually I don't get to enjoy 3 day weekends since I'm always at work. But this year, I am lucky to get to have a few days off. Last weekend was Wellington Anniversary day and we took advantage of it by driving out of town.

Lavander is one of my favourite flower so I thought it would be a good idea to go lavander picking. Though the weather was a bit cloudy, we decided to go ahead since it was the only nice day that week. There were quite a few people already picking when we got there. There were lots of bees too, and Kaelyn got a little unsure because they were everywhere. Patrick ended up picking the flowers and he had Kaelyn hold them.  

After that, we ate at Clareville bakery. I found this bakery through my work mate and it was worth the trip. They have a lot of selections and their kitchen food is delicious. Their service was pretty quick despite having a full house that day. We're definitely be back even just to have some of those yum french toast again.

After filling in our tummies, we decided to head home. We did stop at Greytown to have a stroll around. They have a lot of pretty cool shops along the main street but the one that stood out to Kaelyn was the lolly jar. They have every candy you could think of. Of course, we couldn't resist and had to buy some.

It was a fun day. Kaelyn was happy with her flower bunch and bag of candies. Maybe on another long weekend, we'll have another trip like this. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this time.

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