Friday, 7 October 2016

School Holiday Activities


School holidays are almost over and boy oh boy, I can't wait. Kaelyn has asked me when is she going to school on the first week of the holidays and by then, I knew that it's going to be a long two weeks. There wasn't a day when she didn't adk about her teacher or her school or her friends. Luckily, we have managed to entertain her from time to time. Here's a few ideas for the holidays.


I have never bought so much activity books until now. No wonder the Warehouse sells them cheap during these times. She always finishes her sticker or coloring ones in two days or probably less. Even the painting book is already halfway through. She loves doing those so I tend to stock up just in case. ISometimes, I join in and see what she's doing and it's actually quite fun. Each book has different activities which she enjoys doing. 


I have never disliked a movie until now. I mean, watching it over again in a week just puts me off of it. But hey, whateber makes the little one happy. Plus, any excuse to have buttery popcorn is good enough.


Sometimes, I bring Kaelyn to work. I'm lucky enough to be working at a kid friendly place and sure enough, Kaelyn loves playing at the kid's area. Sometimes, she sees her friends there and there are also times when she helps me clean up. Though this happens just when needed because I could tell that staying at the same place for 6+ hours gets boring. She's actually asked me when we were going home one time. Luckily, the little dockets of paper and a pen kept her entertained.


I have managed to clean the toy box and now, it only costumes and other dress up related things almost. Now, we always have dress up and she always performs right after giving me my costume. I get to watch her sing the Frozen song in her pirate fairy costumes. 


It's always a must to visit the park on school holidays especially when the wheather is good. The new Avalon park opened just in time and though it was fully packed when we went there, it was still fun. We'll definitely be back there, most likely on my day off when everyone's back to school. 


I thought a playdate with bestfriend TJ at the park would be fun and Kaelyn was thrilled. She always asks me where TJ was the past few weeks since they rarely see each other. So we always try to set up a playdate on school holidays. 


When we were getting a little too hot at the park, we thought we'd go to laughalots, which is Kaelyn's new favourite place. It's an indoor play area, full of slides, bouncy castles, rides. It is pretty much a heaven for kids. Since it's indoor, you could leave them to play or join in the fun as well. 


A last option because who wants to spend a lot of money right? But the mall actually has some activities set up for the kids. Although we didn't get to join in, I still think it's a great idea. But our main reason for going to the mall (always) is to ride the cars and take pictures with the giant posters by the cinema and of course, bumping into bestfriend TJ randomly.


Of course, the school holiday won't be complete without a sleepover. This time,she stayed at my parents' house for two weekends and she "helped" with the garden and probably made a lot of mess.

The school holidays have been fun and tiring. We're definitely ready for school 'cause I know she can't wait to see her friends. But just in case you needed an idea to have fun with your kids, check back here. We'll sure discover more things to do. 

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