Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Pirate's Party

I just spent the past few days trying to get over the fact that K is actually three years old now. The few weeks leading up to her birthday went like, "she's grown so much now" or "remember when she was so tiny and we were scared to hold her?". Time flies quickly and I can't believe I have a talkative three year old running around my house.
For her birthday this year, I thought it would be good to celebrate it somewhere fun. She's been a fond of pirate's lately and I've heard of a pirate themed mini golf in Porirua. I thought mini golf, pirates, and picnic would be a good way to celebrate it. Everything was a bit of last minute preparation. I even ordered the cake a week before her birthday and luckily Grace accepts a week's notice. Patrick's mom brought decorations and some costumes too which made it look like a legit Pirate party. It was a little windy but that didn't stop Kaelyn to run around and play.

Although there was a time when she got a bit frustrated because she couldn't do it. She picked up the golf ball and dropped it in the hole and then she squealed with joy. Toddlers, am I right? 

I could tell that she enjoyed it because she didn't want to leave the place. As soon as we drove off, she was fast asleep. It was lots of fun but of course we needed a little rest for the get together we arranged for that night.

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