Monday, 8 February 2016


Having a toddler at home can sometimes make you crazy. I have never heard the "let's go to the mall" so many times in my life. It gets boring at home, I get it but going to the mall is not always the solution. Reasoning this with a toddler is a lot harder than you think, trust me. Now, we have listed a few summer activity favourites.

Planning is a must. You'd rather plan than argue on what to do. You'll end up doing nothing. It happened to us, quite a few times already and the end result? A screaming toddler. You wouldn't want that, right?

  PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS - There are a lot of parks and playground around and I'm so grateful for that. It's an easy go to whenever the sun is out and we want to do something. You can have picnics or have nature walks. Last year, the Percy Reserve was a favourite. It was a little bush walk that had a waterfall in it. There's a duck pond too, one reason why Little K loved that place so much. 

  BEACH - It's not summer when you don't get to go to the beach. I know how much Little K loves playing in the sand and collecting seashells and most of all, watch the sunset. You wouldn't want to miss sunsets during the summer season. She enjoys watching the sunset as much as I do. If you follow us on snapchat or Instagram, you'll probably see that there's a sunset snap or post almost everyday. I'm not even ashamed.

Summer isn't always bright and sunny. It will be hot, very hot but it can sometimes be gloomy and rainy. That doesn't stop us from going outside though. We try to make the most of our free time whilst avoiding being broke. 

  SWIMMING - indoor pools are one of our go to place when we want to unwind. Little K still has a love hate relationship with swimming so we make it as much fun as we could.  Or if you want, you can buy your own pool and set it up at home. 

  VISIT A MUSEUM  - There's quite a few museums here in Wellington and our most visited is still Te Papa. Every few months, they have something new to visit and the latest one that we've been too was their Dreamworks' exhibit. It was fun to see the behind the scene of every Dreamworks movie. It also reminded me of the old movies that I used to watch.

  BOWLING/LASER TAG - We recently went bowling and laser tag a few weeks back. I was a little worried that Kaelyn is too young for it or that she won't enjoy it. Well, she did. She tried rolling the bowling ball, with help of course. She also had fun shooting and running around when were were at the laser tag area. The place also had some arcade games which was really cool. She didn't want to leave the air hockey even though she had to tip toe just so she can reach it. 

  BAKE/PAINT - If you've ran out of idea, there's always something to do at home. Baking or anything that involves food interests her. She's got her own play kitchen area but still insists on helping me instead. Painting also keeps her busy. Remember, both will create a mess but it's either that or have a screaming toddler running around. 

Keeping your little one happy doesn't always have to be expensive or have to be somewhere out of town. A little walk around the neighbourhood can make them happy. If all of the above fails, you can always go back to the mall. Just don't bring your money and you won't be broke afterwards. 
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