Monday, 2 February 2015

Monthly Highlights: January 2015

The first month of the year has gone by too quick. It's already the 2nd of February and I felt like we just welcomed the new year last week. I finally decided to put down our christmas tree. Patrick didn't want to remove all the christmas decor but I needed some space so I had to do it. As much as I would want to have Christmas feels all year round, it can't happen this time. Anyway, January has been a lot of fun even though it left us too quick. Let's see this month's highlights.

When we welcomed the year, I think we were still debating on what movie to watch.  It was fun celebrating it at my family's friends' house. I got to see friends who I rarely see now because we don't live in the same town anymore. The first monday of the month, we celebrated Irene's birthday and had a sleepover here at our house. It was nice to catch up with friends. We have our own busy lives now so it was a much needed catch up.

We also got to do crabbing and go to the beach and enjoy the sun. I loved how Kaelyn enjoyed the slide so much that she didn't want to go home. Sleepovers are a lot of fun that I invited my sisters over. Nature walks are also one of our highlights this month. We love discovering new places and Kaelyn definitely enjoyed our trip to the waterfalls. Even though the track was a bit scary, she wanted to walk on her own.

I haven't been to the pool in so long and I was happy to bring Kaelyn along with me this time. Although it took a while for her not to be scared of the big pool, it was fun and worth it. I was so glad I got to bring my sisters there as well before they start their school this week. Oh and also, Kaelyn had her first piano lesson from my sister. Check out the video:

What has been your highlights last month? I'm looking forward to what February brings us.

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P.S. Justin Timberlake announcing her wife's pregnancy on his birthday is probably the best thing that happened last month. Just saying. 

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