Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Little Miss Diva

We've been having quiet days since the new years. We're savouring the last few days before work starts piling up again. It's nice to get some rest and spend some time with your family but I can't wait to work and earn money. Kaelyn has been loving all the attention that she's getting though she becomes moody from time to time. That's what toddlers do though, right?

We celebrated the new years eve at a family friend's house at Upper Hutt. I wanted to change things up a bit since we celebrated last year with Patrick's family. I thought this year we'd celebrate with my family and our friends, you know to keep things fair. Kaelyn was ecstatic with that idea, she had a two hour nap before we left for the new years eve mass at 7pm. The weather was horrible though but that didn't stop us from celebrating the new year. You have to welcome the new year with a positive attitude despite the bad things that happened in the previous year. 

One of the highlights of that night was definitely the food. You won't see a Filipino party with no food and no take home food. Another was Kaelyn and TJ playing, sort of. Kaelyn has the tendency to get shy around kids her age. When TJ arrived, she just stood there. I gave them books and toys to play with but Kaelyn wasn't happy sharing her toys. It took a while before they got along and played together. 

Kaelyn is being more picky and throwing more tantrums lately. From shoes that she wants to wear to the food she eats. It just gets worse and I'm having trouble keeping up. The other day, she dropped my macbook charger on her cup filled with water. I was really mad but I tried explaining calmly to her that what she did was not good and she was the one who threw a tantrum. I should be the one who's upset. Luckily I got my charger to work again after sometime. 

At the moment, she just wants to play with people who's older than her. It seemed like she wants to be the only kid around. I hope we get to change that before preschool starts next year. 

Anyway, how's the new year so far? Have you been keeping up with your resolutions? 

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