Thursday, 22 January 2015

Fun in the Sun Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, we stayed again at my parents' house for another night. We all tried to sleep early because they said that we'll be leaving at 7 AM so that we'll be back for lunch time. Well, we tried. Kaelyn woke me up at 7:30. I had a small panic, thinking they left us but no one was awake. I was surprised Kaelyn woke up that early. We ended up leaving at 8:30 instead and started our walk at 9 am at the Rimutaka Rail Trail.

It's a bit cold since it was still early in the morning but it was a good day for a walk. Kaelyn got sleepy since she woke up too early so my mom and dad took turns on carrying her. She was a bit grumpy when she woke up though.

The view was really nice and breathtaking. We walked, had a quick snack then walked again. Good thing it's not uphill or else I'll be complaining. Yes, I'm that unfit unfortunately but I'm working on it.

Photo Credit: Ickel Bueno
Kaelyn got grumpy from time to time and she didn't even wanted to walk. Luckily, Tita Geeva brought their stroller and so TJ, their son, and Kaelyn took turns sitting on it. Anyway, we walked up until we reached the tunnel. It became too hot that walking through the cold breeze in the tunnel felt nice. 

Photo Credit: Ickel Bueno

After the tunnel, we rested a bit then talked whether we should still go on or just go back. The whole trail takes more or less 6 hours return so they just decided to go back. It's lunch time anyway so we started walking back.

We arrived home at early 2 pm and after lunch, I had a hard time putting Kaelyn down for her nap since she was a socialising so I had to go to my sister's room where it's quiet. It took a while before she fell asleep. We went home that night because we're exhausted and I really missed our bed. Sleeping on an air bed isn't that bad but our bed is better. I realised that we should have brought the pool and set it up there since they had a bigger front yard and the weather was too hot but maybe next time. It was fun staying at my parents' house, having a lot of people around but it's nice to be home once again. Any adventures you been in lately? Share them with me!

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