Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Fun in the Sun Part 1

Last week, my sisters slept over at our house. We built the kiddie pool that we bought last year and well, it was too small for me to go in so I just admired it from the outside. They had water gun fights and even though Kaelyn just stood on her other mini pool, she enjoyed it nonetheless. She rarely sat down when she takes a bath anyway so I wasn't surprised with that. We watched a few movies after that, ate lots of stuff and played on the Wii U. It was fun since we rarely get visitors now. They were meant to leave the next day but we all went to my parents house instead. 

When my sister arrived to pick them up, they were still playing on the PS4 so we agreed that we'll just dropped them off later that night. Kaelyn on the other hand was too eager to leave and she was clingy to my sister. So she though that they'll just have a walk quickly outside but apparently, when she saw the car door open, she sat inside and didn't want to go out. It was cute and funny and she didn't even care if I was there or not. Since she wanted to come, we just moved her car seat on their car and they left. No fuss, no crying, no anything. My sister said that she was calm and even sang along to one of the songs that they listened too. 

After they left, Patrick had this idea of sleeping over at my parents' house because he wanted to go to the park there. I quickly packed our things and tidied up the house. When we arrived, Kaelyn was in a happy mood although they told me that she was a little unsure what to do when she arrived. The next day, I had my eyebrows done, and we went to the park after that. It was a long walk and even though the slides are for big girls, Kaelyn still enjoyed running around. 

We still didn't go home after that. You see, they have a plan on having a walk along the Rimutaka Rail Trail the next day and I was contemplating on whether we should go or not. I thought that it'd be a good exercise so we ended up staying another night. We've been out and about but it's fun. 

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