Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Summer Christmas

Christmas is indeed one of the busiest holidays we have. As I have mentioned last christmas, we traditionally celebrate on Christmas eve. This year's Christmas was hot and rainy. The rain is definitely not my cup of tea and I still wish for a white Christmas but you can never always have what you want. Despite the weather, we still had fun and enjoyed our holiday. 

On Christmas eve, we celebrated it with Patrick's family. We went to the evening mass at 9pm. We then had noche buena and gift giving after that. Kaelyn enjoyed opening her gifts and playing with her new toys. One of the gifts she received was a Peppa Pig bubble bottle. As soon as they started blowing the bubble mixture, she repeatedly said 'bubble'. It was the cutest thing ever and the best gift I got that night.

We spent our Christmas day at Brookfield Scout camp with my family and family friends. It was raining when we arrived so we stayed indoors. We had lunch then they had a program prepared. 

There were games for both children and adults. Kaelyn however wasn't feeling it that day. One minute she was happy and playing, and then not sharing her toy the next. She had her moments. It was a bit hard. But she still had fun running around.

The highlight of that day though was when we went kayaking. It was so much fun and we were lucky that the rain stopped. We've been at this camp site a few years ago and I remember how bad I was at kayaking. It was no different this year but it was still fun. It was also Patrick's first time at kayaking and he loved it. He's now planning on saving up so that we can buy a kayak boat.

After kayaking, we ate dinner and had a mini bonfire. It was actually the bonfire of the previous campers and after they left, we just used it. We had roasted marshmallows and it was yum. It was a very fun day. We got home quite late and went to bed straight after that. Here's a little video of what we got up to that day.

How did you spend your Christmas? Did you get to experience white Christmas? 

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